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Tips From Vera – An Organized Home

I’ve gone through quite a few residences over the decades. Cramped apartments in the city, houses in small towns, estates, old homes, new homes. What I have learned from all of these spaces is that there will truly never be enough space!

It was the roaring twenties when I moved into a cramped little apartment. I was and always will be an independent woman you know. The tiny residence was fine by me. One large room, water closet and small kitchen area. Well it really wasn’t a kitchen since there was no ice box or stove to speak of. I’ll just say it was a pantry. No worries I thought… I took my meals at the club where worked or down stairs in the restaurant that occupied the first floor. Times had changed, so at least my wardrobe fit inside the armoire in the studio. No more corsets and petticoats for me! However, I had shoes and hat boxes and furs and coats and umbrellas and handbags to match! What to do?

I looked up. At least the ceilings were high in this abode so I installed shelving around the perimeter of the room. Up went the hat boxes (filled with multiple hats). Shoes neatly organized in their boxes. But all of this still looked messy! And this girl doesn’t like a mess. So I went to Woolworths! Oh that store carried anything and everything! I bought myself a few rolls of an interesting mono-chromatic paper and a tub of paste.

When I got home I recovered the hat boxes, shoe boxes and made a few long boxes to hold the umbrellas. Accessories like gloves went in their respective containers as did hose and garters. By the time I finished the space above me was all different shapes in the same pattern. I thought myself quite an artist for creating such a cubist installment above me.

The point is… This was a fun project to get myself organized. It also helped me hone some of my interior design concepts that married form and function. I moved shortly thereafter when I met a certain gentleman… I believe I may have mentioned him once when I told you about being a kept woman. Well that didn’t work out obviously! Happy homemaking!

As always,

– Vera


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