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“I really need your help. My boss is hot but how can I tell if he wants me?” Thanks, Copy Room Lover

So your boss is hot? Lucky! Having hot work sex is a fantasy that a good number of gay men dream about. Your boss calls you to his office, and then asks you to shut the door behind you. You can feel him sizing you up with his eyes, trying to guess what you look like naked. You feel your package swell in your pants almost bursting from their cloth prison, throbbing against your zipper begging to get out. You know he wants to lay you down naked on his desk and lick your body from head to toe, and you want it too. You want him to see how badly you desire feeling his overbearing hard cock throb inside your welcoming tight hole. How do you let him know, how do you get him to take that first step towards grinding his stiff cock into your hip while kissing your neck and licking your ears?  YOU DON’T!! You take him out for a beer after work!

Although the idea of sex at work is a huge turn on, and something we all think about from time to time. We don’t act on those lustful dirty thoughts for a reason. Its work! No matter what field you work in or what business your company does, sex at work is frowned upon. In most cases can result in immediate termination. Additionally, do you really want your boss or co-worker to feel that he has some form of connection with you outside work? Think about every relationship you have ever been in, you have to admit your time away from your significant other was welcomed and most times warranted.

Sex with a coworker can result in mid day stress relief, but it can also result in a loss of income, pride and productivity in the work place. Enjoy your fantasies, continue to dream and lust. Take your boss or co-worker out for a beer and flirt and have a nice one night stand. Don’t have sex at work, and don’t form a relationship with a co-worker if it is at all avoidable. If it is unavoidable because you were destined to be with each other and you just can’t resist any longer, then send me a message and tell me all the absolutely filthy yummy details. Maybe we can all live vicariously!

Good luck,

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