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Frigid Britches

Frigid Britches

Assk me:

“Can you tell me why my partner likes having sex so much when it’s cold outside?”

Dear Frigid Britches,

It is no secret that men love to play with ice. If you have never done so, then try putting a small ice cube in your mouth and swirl it around. Just when you can’t stand the cold anymore take out the ice, and give your man head. You can also put an ice cube in your mouth and rub it around his taint with your tongue. You will blow his mind, and hopefully his cock.

People are naturally drawn to warmth especially when it is cold outside. Your man enjoys sex during the cold weather because it brings him comfort. Snow is beautiful, but it can be very uncomfortable as well. Besides we all know that sex is a fireplace for the soul. Think of it this way, when it’s hot and sticky and nasty outside; you’re all sweaty and uncomfortable. Do you want to get naked and rub all over your man’s sweat drenched glistening abs? Feel your ass slide up and down his body while he is getting sweat all over your new sheets? OMG! How gross and expensive, cause now you have to replace your sex drenched sheets. Don’t fight the power of cold, enjoy it and ride out the season making fire with your man’s massive tree. I know I am…

Ryan –


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