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The Toys That Keep On Giving

The Toys That Keep On Giving

Assk Me:

“Dear Ryan – I love to play with sex toys, but my man doesn’t care for them. I really wish I could get him to use them during sex. Can you help with this?” Toyboy lover.

First Mr. Toyboy lover, I can help with any issue big or small. This one is quite easy actually. Your man may be nervous about using toys because of the stigma that is placed on them. You see, many people believe that a toy is something you use when you aren’t quite happy with the sexual relations you have already. I know, you know, and others know as well that there are many toys designed solely to enhance that experience not to replace the experience. He may feel inadequate because you are asking him to use toys with you.

If you wish to get a non-player into the player scene, you should start slow. Don’t go shoving that 12” butt plug up your ass and ask him to pound the shit out of you. He (and I for that matter) would run in fear, praying he escapes before the abyss swallows him whole. Instead, try easing him into the toy fun. Start off with a cock ring, then upgrade to a cock ring with a vibrator attached to stimulate his taint. The progression will be slow at first, but soon he will get into the idea and start toy shopping with you. Eventually you may find yourselves playing double headed dildo twister, and you’ll be wondering what happened to the shy closed minded individual you committed yourself to.

Toys can be fun for everyone, and they aren’t just used for masturbation. They are also used to enhance the sexual experience for both parties (or multiples, but that’s another post). Just remember not to jump in feet first, take your time and find your way to what pleasures both parties the most. Till you get to this point, experiment and have fun. Don’t close your mind to any experience till the experience is had, that’s the fun in living life and being Gay!

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