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Battle of the Adams – Adam Levine VS Adam Brody

Adam Levine VS Adam Brody

News of Adam Levine becoming People’s Sexiest Man Alive AND news that Adam Brody got engaged to his girlfriend got us talking in the office about who’s hotter and who would win in a fight?

I’m 98% Sure we’ve all seen these images of Adam Levine totally butt ass naked with only hands covering his junk, I mean they’ve been evvvverywhere, even my old ass grandma asked me about them and if I thought he was sexy. For the record, my grandmom doesn’t even know who Adam Brody is.

Adam Levine

So of course my vote goes to Adam Levine. The photos are SO fucking sexy.. those muscles, those tattoos, those hands and how I wish they were mine covering him up!

Sorry bout it Adam Brody, I can get down with the nerdy look but I need tattoos and muscles to get me going. Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re hella adorable and I wanna have picnic basket lunches with you in green fields and bright blue skies but this isn’t a vote for who would make the most adorable boyfriend.

Adam Brody

This is about sex appeal and Adam Levine, daaaaamn.