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Bound 3 – James Franco and Seth Rogen in The Best Parody Video EVA

I’ve never heard a Kayne West song before, oh wait I lie.. What’s that one that starts Whoaaa-ah ohhhh, whoa, ohaaa-h? And he ripped off the video for the song from some visual artist? I’ve heard that one and it’s OK.. The only time Kayne is on my radar is when he’s saying or doing some dumb shit that I read about in the blogs.

So I saw this Bound 3 bullshit blow up the other day all over my Facebook feed and was like meh, I’m not watching it. But by the end of the day and after seriously 50 friends posted it, I finally caved and watched.

My first thought was is this like, a real song? Am I that much of a square that this doesn’t sound good to me at all? Having never seen the original I thought they were taking the parody way far so imagine my disbelief when I checked out Kayne’s original video. HOLY SHIT.. this is for real, and the parody does an amazing job of capturing the ridiculousness!


Kim looks kinda pretty with her Beyoncé hair but I prefer Seth Rogens back fat rolls and hairy back over her big titty ride or die for my man look she got going on.

Check out the original for comparison!


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