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Kieron Ryan Interview!

We’ve all got a type that causes us to sneak an extra glance. That type that gets us to look closer at that package (both FRONT and BACK) . You add to the mix this stud you’re checking out is into the kinky stuff that really gets you going. That certainly makes you stand up and take notice. Well at least one part of you is taking notice that’s for damn sure.

One such stud pup is Kieron Ryan. This tall drink of water is still new to the gay porn scene. So once I got to see him at “work”, I wanted to explore more to see if the mind is as hot as his body.  Luckily my friend Justin Simpson sat down with him and covered a lot of detail.

Kieron Ryan

During this interview Justin talks with him about the differences between doing a web show or doing a mainstream movie. I paid close attention when they got to talking about Kieron’s shoot for “Bound in Public” and how intense ( and fun) that was for him. The conversation continues along that same line as Justin asks him what other things he’d like to get into movies going forward. Kieron goes over his “kink checklist” and then he talks about various misconceptions about the leather community and how truly accepting and supportive that they are.

I didn’t think it was possible for me to get into this stud more. Well after checking out the interview I sure did. Not only is he hot, but is very well spoken and that’s always a big turn on for me.

Do you want to find out about him yourself? Of course you do! You can check out his interview right here….

Justin asks all the right questions and keeps the interview going. Keep up the great work with those and can’t wait to see more from you.

That “Bound in Public” video that Kieron made is so hot. You’ll be able to check that one out here..


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