Homo Say What?

Ultimate Gay Fighter, FINISH HIM!!!!! With a death drop & weave toss

Can I just say how EXCITED I am about this!? As an avid video game player, playing since the first Nintendo system and everything in between I think it will be awesome to finish someone off with a vogue battle instead of ripping their guts out..

Ultimate Gay Fighter, billed as the world’s first gay game, is a fighting game in the style of street fighter and totally pits gay stereotypes against each other to see who will come out on top! It’s being released In January 2014 and will be available for iOS, android and Windows phones.

Check out the trailer below or head on over to their website to see the characters you’ll be able to fight with. Devon Devastation is my top pick, I do love me a good voguer!

Annnd while I’m on the topic of Vogue battles I need to share this with you,

Sailor moon is killllin it here, the pony flips at 0:38.. gagging.. and I can’t leave Wonder Woman out, her entire start of the battle, the first death drop, the hair flips, rolls around the stage floor at 1:45.. One of the best vogue battles I’ve seen in awhile.