Homo Say What?

It’s Monday Morning and Kaycee Rice & I Came Here To Werk.


Seriously, this little girl is amazing and has me waving my finger at the screen yellin’ yaaaaas bitch, werk!

I’m pretty sure at 10 years old I was playing “fashion show” with my older sisters and was clueless to voguing, battling and all that fun stuff. Kaycee Rice obviously is in the know cause she is killin’ this shit! I know a ton of queens who would kill for these skills out on the dance floor and I’m not afraid to say that I’m one of them 🙂

You know I love me some good pony work and Kaycee’s  moves at 00:47 are the best, to the beat, high energy and on point the entire routine.

The only other time I was soo worked up over a performance was when Dida Ritz had to Lip Sync For her Life to This Will Be by Natalie Cole on RuPauls Drag Race. In alllll the seasons of Drag Race, or in person for that matter, THIS is one of the best Lip Syncs I’ve ever seen.

Thank ya ladies for the goosebumps!


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