Otter Fodder

FALL IS COMING! well, it’s arrived…

The most gorgeous man who ever lived (in The Otter's opinion).

The most gorgeous man who ever lived (in The Otter’s opinion).

What to wear what to wear? Seems to be the question on every ones mind in the morning, noon or night; or whenever you wake up for that matter. The question of what to wear for me this fall is, as always, how can I stay toasty warm and still look a rough trade hustler from the 1970’s?

Now’s the time to squeeze into those 501’s and cords you’ve so lovingly worn out in certain areas. Time for shearling lined denim jackets that fit snugly around the waist when buttoned, but are rendered practically unbuttonable across that chest because of those pecs you’ve been working out all summer. I’m ready for cozy flannel and waffle knit henleys stretched across rock hard biceps, cable knit sweaters that make even the most frightening of bears seem cuddly.

Since the L.L. Bean catalog has always been a major turn on. This fall I’m going to pull out the nylon vests, plaid flannel and brown corduroy paired with some busted up Signature Maine Hunting Boots. Even in the city these boots are great, the rubber soles and protective yet decorative toe and upper prevent the filthy sludge of Philadelphia’s streets from seeping through and into your socks therefore making contact with your skin… Just thinking about those boots on a rugged mountain man and absolutely nothing else is almost too much for me to handle.

Alright, it’s off to prep for fall. I’ve got some wood to deal with…

Oh, here’s some inspiration… Mr. Al Parker.