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I Saw What You Did – A Queen Bee Review

The other night I asked my 14 year old son to pick a movie. He could choose any scary film he would like. But it had to be in b&w. And filmed between the years, 1962-1968 (horrible color films became the norm by `68). Oh and it had to star a diva. A BIG DIVA. And not Bette Davis or Barbara Stanwyck or Katharine Hepburn. It had to be someone even BIGGER.

“OMG, Dad…”

“Oh…speaking of God, you must mean JOAN CRAWFORD!”

“Ugh….What’s that one where the teenagers crank call people?” ,his eyes rolled in acknowledged defeat.

I Saw What You Did

“I Saw What You Did!” (1965)

Made just a few years after her 1962 hit “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”, Crawford was on a late career high as she was past the age of 60–unheard of even by today’s standards. It’s a pretty simple plot that works brilliantly under director William Castle. Two teenage girls, Libby (Andi Garret) and Kit (Sara Lane) are babysitting Libby’s younger sister, Tess. They’re bored so to amuse themselves they thumb through the phonebook and crank call people saying, “I saw what you did…and I know who you are…”

Unfortunately, our girls call Steve Marak (John Ireland) who just happened to murder his wife in a jealous rage in the shower. Ring ring goes the phone and Steve picks up and hears Libby  (pretending she’s a sex siren named Suzette)  say…”I saw what you did…and I know who you are”. Believing he has been found out, he decides to track down the girl to silence her. But before he can hang up the phone, in walks Our Joan…behived and bejeweled! Joan plays a horny, sex starved older neighbor who’s happy as punch that suddenly wifey poo is nowhere to be found. Joan is constantly barging in and out of Steve’s house, possessive and jealous over all these phone calls Steve is getting. She listens in on the other line….hangs up…but something is calling her to the bathroom…she opens the door…she knows now where Steve’s wife is.

Joan is now in the driver’s seat and has plans to make Steve her own!! Meanwhile, the girls are turned on by sex maniac Steve’s insistence to meet…not knowing he wants to shut them up for good… and Libby just got her driver’s permit…how bad would it be to drive out and see what sexy Steve really looks like???? Whatever you do, don’t pick up your phone! Watch this movie!!!

It’s a cute little film from the kitschy mid-60’s  that has grown on me through the years. It doesn’t take a huge budget to make a good movie…it just takes a HUGE STAR! Look for this film during the Halloween season. You’ll LOVE it…and you’ll be humming the theme music for weeks to come…”Do do do dooo do….do do do doooo do. Do do do do. Do do a do do… “

I Saw What You Did (1965) Trailer