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Tips From Vera – Panic Room

Panic room? What? What can a girl do to get away from it all? Closets are great for storing clothes, cleaning supplies and holiday decorations. Closets are not good for gays to stay in but in some ways they can be great to stay in! I remember having friends who had limited space so they turned their closets into nests. I’ve seen closets that are large enough to hold a queen sized bed and I have spent the night with at least two gentlemen who have kept their beds in a closet. I even have a friend who (roommates idea) rented out the closet under the staircase of an apartment in San Francisco.

Surprisingly these little spaces are quite cozy. I myself would like to take a roomy closet and make it into my own little “crazy” space. Perhaps outfit it with a comfy chair and ottoman. In my tiny den I might hang a little chandelier, paint the walls a garish bubblegum pink with stencils in gold and cover the floor in a plush shag carpet. There might be space to install a small flat screen TV and Roku system to watch the incredible content available on Perhaps I might even place a small chest or set of shelves to hold a few books, wine, liquor or snacks. Oh how I would be so cozy and warm with the door closed, wrapped in my leopard throw with gold fringe. I could cuddle up with a good book or movie in my cocoon and just enjoy being away from it all.

What would you put in your personal, tricked out confessional booth? I would use fabrics I might never use in a “public” room. I might drape the walls in velvet. I’ll use fringe and tassels on everything! I want my little get away to look like the tackiest whorehouse you’ve ever seen! Go ahead and take a chance on this space. I’m fairly certain you just might love it!!! Then again, I may just put a bed in the closet. Hey it might make a fantastic guest room? Or just the place to take that certain someone and cuddle to your hearts content. As long as he’s not claustrophobic or still hiding in his own personal closet. Happy homemaking!

As always,

– Vera.


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