Homo Say What?

Wrecking Ball ‘Chatroulette version’

I have a friend who looks exactly like Steve Kardynal so I can’t help but giggle when I see him post one of his Chatroulette videos. I’ve never been on Chatroulette before, just Manroulette and lost interest in that after all I saw was cam after cam of chubby old men waving their dicks in the camera.

But What Steve does it great, I would love to stumble across him on the site and have a good laugh. I especially love when people get into it and sing along with him and laugh, what kind of asshole makes a stank face and hits next?! Fucking Lame-o’s, that’s who.

This is the first one I was introduced to and man-o-man, the bikinis and nip slips.. I DIE..

Check out his latest one for Wrecking Ball. I feel like I post a lot about Miley or things dealing with Miley but who doesn’t love a good train wreck? I lose it every time when he first gets on the hanging ball, fucking genius!



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