11 Reasons to Shed Clothes With Your Girlfriends And Have it Photographed


Last week the New York Post and the Today show covered this emerging group boudoir movement out of a NY photographer’s studio – whether it’s for Bachelorette parties (more believable) or just a group of girls coming together as if it were Mimosa Morning. The compiled video shows three women posing together dressed in the likeness of those “pure” Dove ads, but they’re all freaking gorgeous and skinny and calling it “empowerment”, so I’m sure many of the ladies out there felt a bit hesitant when being told it is the “next big girl power thingy”. So you need a reason? That’s what I’m here for.


Top Eleven Reasons To Get Naked With The Gal Pals

because this one goes to eleven.

 11. You just got divorced and are all “Funk that, I deserve to feel hot for a minute and this might let me explore forgetting men altogether but still seeming innocent. No touchy.” 

10. You want to hang a sexy picture of yourself in the house but don’t want to seem like a conceited bitch so hey the more, the sexier.

9. Betcha didn’t think that was on the Bucket List, huh?? Variety is the spice of life! Go buy new lingerie! The crazier the better!

8. I know we’re all secretly wondering what our girlfriends’ boobies look like, if you don’t know already, ya flooze.

7. It’s a fancy-schmancy, classy way to use the Nip Slip trend. And your bff can’t blackmail you because she did it, too.

6. Photoshop. Pro hair-did. Vibrant makeup and eyelashes. Skimpiest clothing. Non-florescent lighting. No Selfie anxiety. It’s like dress-up for your body. But with friends! Makes the Skimp Level Risk high, but still safe.

5. You know what the next step is after posing on each other in skivvies right? Skydiving.

4. How else are you and your friends going to celebrate that you went a week without saying “fuck” at work? Well shit, there goes mine.

3. Who doesn’t want to get drunk on wine and form a human pyramid in those neon Target bras and then have the disaster Photoshopped? Come on.

2. Someone get a group of friends to do it and then ask to have the theme be Glamour Shots style. Send to me. Don’t worry, I promise I will laugh.

1. It’s an alternative Girl Power movement to prove that you’re the Head Bitch in Charge, better suited for society than the below.

Just remember to share the spotlight, and don’t be a


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