3 Romantic Getaways to Help You Enjoy Winter

couple winter

It’s starting to get cold out there. That means less time for fun activities outside for you and your significant other. So what can you do to change things up? Travel! Embrace the cold! Instead of spending your time inside your house on the couch watching television for the next 3 months, spend it in a room somewhere completely different having lots of sex and cuddling. Being trapped indoors just went from boring and monotonous to exciting and romantic! Here are some of the top places that you should consider checking out this winter.

1.  Hotel Kakslauttanen

glass igloos finland

inside glass igloo

Ever think sleeping in an igloo would be cool? But, you know, you didn’t want to be freeze to death. Well this hotel in Finland has an entire village of glass igloos. The coolest part is that between August and April you have a chance at catching the Northern Lights, as well. Last time I checked there aren’t too many things more romantic than watching the Northern Lights from a luxurious glass igloo. It’s like natures biggest aphrodisiac.

2.  Cliffside Inn

cliffside inn

cliffside inn room

This one is for those of you in the US who don’t feel like spending all of your money just to get to the place. Cliffside Inn is a bed and breakfast located right on Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island. Forget your shitty social status for a weekend and go chill out with a bunch of old bougie people in New England. This place overlooks the ocean, has a fireplace in every room, and is just all around beautiful. Pay no attention to the freezing weather outside because you will have little reason to ever leave the rooms in this place. Just crack open a bottle of wine, get a fire going, and you are pretty much guaranteed to have a long night of boning ahead of you. Plus you get breakfast. Everyone loves breakfast.

3.  Iceland

Iceland northern lights

blue lagoon

Yes, I know Iceland is a little vague and general, but you can figure out the specifics on your own. All I know is there seems like a ton of cool stuff to do there in the winter. Like the place in Finland, going to Iceland during the winter months provides you with a great chance to see the Northern Lights. And I’ve yet to encounter someone in life that doesn’t think that’s one of the coolest, most beautiful things you could ever see. You can even do some swimming while you’re there. Sure it’ll be freezing outside, but the Blue Lagoon’s water temps reach 102 degrees! It’s like you’re sitting in the world’s prettiest hot tub.


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