14 DIY Gifts For the Holiday That You’ll Want To Make For Yourself

As of the moment I write this, there is exactly one month left of shopping before Christmas. There are only three days until the start of Hanukkah. Add in the Secret Santas, the White Elepants, the Holiday parties and luncheons and BIRTHDAYS (ahem ahem ahem) that happen to fall during ’tis the season — my LORD we have a lot of shopping to do. This will help. Super cheap, super homemade, super made with love and a budget.


Marbled Glasswear

marbled glasswearHah, even better? This is made with nail polish. Alternatively you could go to the thrift store (or…bar), grab mismatching glasses, and have your marbling be the “thing” that ties the collection together. Instructions via HonestlyWTF.


Gemstone Bottle of Wine



This is just some simple cork, glue, rocks or gems, and wine. Now, the post this comes from says nothing about including wine, but picture this — eight empty wine bottles from a liquor store tasting (just ask, they’ll give you), a box of wine, and these cork toppers. So damn glam it hurts my skull. Instructions for corks via Because I’m Addicted.


Disco Giraffe

disco-giraffe-640This giraffe is bangin. That glitter is out of this world. But I imagine that you could definitely form-fit the idea to whomever you’re gifting it to, depending on their color scheme, animal preference, and glitter allergy. Instructions via Aunt Peaches.


Earbud Taco Case

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 7.46.54 PM


I get that the studs aren’t exactly male-friendly to the straight eye, but I swear if you change out that clasp for something like, I don’t know, a button, or a pebble, what have you, this is perfect for anyone. We all have these damn iPod/iPhone ear buds, and they tangle as if they’re trying to kill us. So this is a great idea, and have fun with customizing it even more. Instructions via P.S. I Made This.


Alphabet Pasta Barrettes 



These could obviously get a bit delicate, but don’t let that deter you — just follow the directions closely. This would be AMAZING to open during the exchanging of the gifts. I could wear an entire sentence in my hair! If I’m pissed off at someone, I can do a stealth quick-change and passive aggressively tell them what I think of them! This is genius!!! Instructions via Refinery 29.


Fool’s Gold Dump Bookends




I’m at that age now where a lot of my friends are doing that thing, that “settling down” sort of situation. The number of friends I have who have bought HOUSES has now hit the second hand when I count them by hand. And for some reason (jk, this look is seriously hot haute), they all dig this natural-by-elegance look. And I love highlighting books in the age of the Kindle. Instructions via Design Sponge.


Basic Gourmet Bark



Tell me this doesn’t look like something you’d buy from a cute, chic little start-up hipster indie chocolatier shop called Buttons or something like that. YOU CAN BE THAT INDIE CHOCOLATE BUSINESS! YOU CAN BE BUTTONS! I reviewed this recipe and honestly, honestly, even the mortified-of-the-kitchen kids can do this. It’s really simple, and you can wrap it up all minimalist and print out a photoshopped business tag to stick on there. You can’t pick Buttons though, I’m copywriting that name. Instructions via Martha Stewart. Yes, the Martha Stewart.


Instagram Wood Frame



This can be what you make it. Whether you hand craft the frame or just buy one from Goodwill and take it apart, the fun is going online and reviewing all the Instagrams. I’m doing this for my sister and picking out all the pics friends and family have taken of her boys. It will be, The Nephew Collection. I may write on the clothespins too, I’m not sure yet. Instructions via Shelterness.


Fairy Dust Necklaces



I couldn’t give two balls of coal that I’m about to turn thirty and I’m making all of these for myself. These little pieces of magic will sparkle. They will catch the eye of everyone. I am a disco ball star. Anyway, the ones above are the new iPhone colors and I think that’s pretty trendy and rad. It’s a cheap make — the vials come from Amazon — and I’m telling you, this is fine for any age — the color of the glitter should coincide with maturity level. Instructions via Lexy Levin.


Skateboard…Yes, A Skateboard



Just for the record, you can get the blank boards at skate shops, so it’s not really that hard to find. This idea is amazing. Maybe the west coasters will appreciate it more, but, you know, whatev, if I got this I would tear up. If you can’t skate but just love the idea, hello decoration! Sorry if you hate me for that statement, I’m just trying to include everyone. Instructions via designlovefest.


Chocolate Gems

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 8.54.41 PM


More edibles on the DIY list! I…might just give these to everyone. These are so deck. The JEWELS. However, not a good substitute for that special someone that’s really expecting some bling for whatever reason they might be expecting bling for. Instructions via P.S. I Made This.


 Stegosaurus Spike Comb


What girl doesn’t want to look like a dinosaur? Come on. Instructions via HonestlyWTF.


Tiny Polaroid Magnets



I know I already had one photo idea, but these days with all your memories stuck somewhere on your smart phone, physical renditions are always cherish-able. Again, you can pick a theme or whatever, just go with it. Sweet. Instructions via Ambrosia Girl.


Hunger Games Fandom

Hunger Games The Capitol Pencil Toppers by Amanda Coleman


I am nowhere near a fan of the Hunger Games trilogy. But do you know who is? The world. I would even just keep this on hand as a gift for that someone that you totally didn’t know was going to get you something. Even if they don’t use it, it’s an awesome little desk talking piece. Instructions via Popper & Mimi.


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