11 Reasons Why You Should Go See ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

wolf of wall street

The Wolf of Wall Street came out yesterday, and it did not disappoint. I’m not quite sure why anyone wouldn’t already want to see this movie, but just in case you haven’t heard anything about it, here are 11 reasons to go see this movie right now!

1.  It’s a Scorsese movie…duh

Martin Scorsese Leonardo DiCaprio

This should really be the end of the list right here. The man is one of the greatest directors of all time. He could literally take a shit on camera, and you should still probably go watch it.

2.  This might finally get Leo his Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio party scene

Leo’s done some quality work over the years but still doesn’t have that elusive Oscar to show for it. His portrayal of Jordan Belfort might just be enough to win him one this year, however. That is, if the Academy isn’t too uptight about the obscenity of this film.

3.  Margot Robbie is hot

Margot Robbie

Margot plays Naomi Lapaglia, Leo’s wife, in the movie. She is a total babe throughout.

4.  No you don’t understand, like she’s really really hot…

Margot Robbie Leonardo DiCaprio gif

Seriously, if for no other reason, you should see the movie just for her. But be warned, there is a solid chance you will have blue balls by the end of the viewing.

5.  Coke and hookers

The Wolf of Wall Street party

If you’re not craving a cocaine and hooker binge after watching this film then you must be dead inside. Because there is a ton of both of these things in the movie, and it looks fantastic.

6.  Matthew McConaughey is brilliant

Matthew McConaughey

He doesn’t get a ton of screen time, but when he does, McConaughey is absolutely amazing. I’m not usually a fan. But between this and his performance in Mud, he’s starting to win me over.

7.  It’s just plain fun

Leo dancing gif

You will be laughing hysterically through a good portion of this movie. There are definitely some serious parts, and the subject matter is pretty heavy. However, it does a great job of keeping things comical and makes the 3 hour time length fly by.

8.  Boobs

Margot Robbie bra

Let’s be real. There’s still one reason that trumps all and that’s the number of boobs you get to see.

9.  It’s a hard R rating

r rating logo

This thing is rated R for a reason. I would not recommend seeing it with your family. Awkward moments will definitely ensue. That being said, all of the things that give it that R rating make it the quality film that it is.

10.  People will walk out of the theater in a fit of rage

angry old couple

When people get offended by how obscene a movie is, it generally means that I want to see that movie. This is the case in this instance. There’s a solid chance you will see a number of old couples storming out of the theater talking about how crude the movie is. It’s a truly hilarious sight.

11.  You will be morally confused

marching band in office

After you’re done watching the movie, you will have two thoughts. The first is that greed and excess is an addiction and a serious problem that can ruin the lives of many people. The second thought will be that greed and excess leads to a crap ton of fun and is exactly the type of a lifestyle you’d like to live. I’m still not sure which thought I’m leaning towards more. Oh who am I kidding, it’s definitely that greed and excess are wonderful, beautiful things.


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