The Best Bromance Ever

Ian McKellen Patrick Stewart

There have been some great bromances over the years. J.D. and Turk from Scrubs, Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons from the Houston Rockets, Troy and Abed from Community. But all of these pale in comparison to the bromance between Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen. These two have discovered the greatest friendship that two dudes can possibly possess, and oh by the way, they’re both incredibly awesome in their own right.

On one hand you have Patrick Stewart, who has played both Professor Charles Xavier and Captain Jean-Luc Picard. That’s one hell of a combo. You wouldn’t think anyone could have a more amazing casting combination than this. But Ian McKellen may just have done it. Sir Ian is most well known for his roles as both Magneto and Gandalf. Seriously, who do you pick in this scenario if you could be one?! Either way, you can’t go wrong. Those are 4 truly badass characters.

But lucky for us, these two aren’t competitors in the real world. Instead of fighting to see which one is more awesome, they’ve combined their coolness and created some sort of ultra, mega cool bro power couple. Let’s take a look at some of the stuff they’ve done together.

Most recently, the two shared Thanksgiving together. Which is a little odd since both are from the UK… But hey, if Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart want to celebrate an American Thanksgiving I’m sure as hell not going to stop them.

Patrick Stewart Ian McKellen Thanksgiving

Then there was time the time they hung out with Elmo. Does anyone else think Elmo’s one eye in this pic is checking out Sir Ian?

Stewart McKellen with Elmo

And who was there when Patrick Stewart was marrying his most recent wife? That’s right, Ian Mckellen. I can only hope that when I’m 73 I’ll be best friends with a wizard/mutant and also get to marry an attractive 35-year-old.

Patrick Stewart Ian McKellen wedding

Apparently they don’t mess around when they’re out drinking either. Both seem to have the double fisting method down pretty well. How fun would it be to join in on this table? I also really enjoy that they wear these hats in almost every single picture. I like to imagine that they bought them at the same time and declared them the “best friends forever hats”.

Stewart Mckellen drinking beer

You can find a lot of good bromances in films or TV shows or books. But I have yet to see a greater IRL bromance than the one that these gentlemen have. We’d all be lucky to be this awesome and happy when we’re in our 70s. So here’s to you, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. You’re an inspiration to us all, and provide hope that getting older just means that you get to have more fun.