Celebrities Read Mean Tweets


Long ago on a ABC channel for late night, Jimmy Kimmel and his writers decided to bring rounds of celebrities to read individually mean tweets about them.

Sample tweet dis: @Meemoza1 – “Dear God, give us 2pac back and we’ll give you Justin Bieber”….as read by Justin BB himself.

The fourth installment aired in May, but I made sure to find all of them for your weekday blue-blahs cure. I especially knee-slapped to Will Ferrell reading his on the toilet, and Danny McBride’s “violent outburst”. And Snooki. Always Snooki.


And of course, if you’re one of those silly skeptics, someone did the dirty work for me (about four different sources, actually) on the accurateness of our published haters. Check ’em all out here and tell me your favorite.


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