Pippi Dongstroking: Childhood Hero Tami Erin Has a Sex Tape

The New Adventures of Tami ErinWell, Tami, we meet again. I welcome you to the porn industry. I haven’t been here very long myself, but I do like company. You look fabulous too. You always did, and I believe that you may have been the underlying reason that I dyed my deep, chestnut hair red for over a decade…

I could pen a dreamy fan letter to Tami Erin any day even without her having a porn tape on the market. While the rest of the world may have needed to reminding as to who she is and why her tape was significant, I certainly didn’t. Tami rocked my world as Pippi Longstocking when I was 7. I was as enamored with Tami Erin as I was with Astrid Lindgren’s fictional Pippi character. I took them for one and the same, even though I was briefly disappointed when Tami appeared on Nickelodeon’s teen talk show Don’t Just Sit There. She seemed more like a cool teenager than a mercurial, magical neighbor. The brief disappointment in the actual actress last for about an hour. I remember drawing pictures of Pippi and Tami in their respective clothing styles to note the difference in the two. Smitten much?

Just seeing the box cover for The New Adventures of Pippi Lockstocking tonight lit a bonfire of nostalgia inside me. I also couldn’t help by laugh at how “The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking” has suddenly taken on new meaning. But, really, my little girl heart is still on fire for Tami Erin and her Pippi. And my adult brain is also totally OK with her choice to share a sex tape. Maybe she was in on shopping the tape, and maybe she was just trying to beat her ex to the punch. Whatever it is. The fact remains that Tami is a grown woman with a sex tape, and seems to love the attention.

I often wondered what became of Tami after the one Pippi film she made. Looks like she went on to grow up like the rest of us. She seems to like sex. And she really seems to like blowjobs. Great! Those are fantastic things! So is making money. And while I’m not on any box covers, I would hardly condemn another adult for cashing checks for fucking on camera. So, if anyone wants me to say that I’m disappointed in Tami Erin, I’m just not. I’d be disappointed if she held up a 7-11 on Easter Sunday while wearing a garbage bag. That’s upsetting. But hell, a sex tape that shows someone who looks like they’re really enjoying the sex (not to mention the drinks)? What a relief! So, Tami, if you’re reading this, you’re still my fucking (that’s a pun) hero.

And in case the thought occurred to you-yes, I just placed the “The New Adventures of Pippi Lockstocking DVD on hold through the Free Library of Philadelphia. I hope it’s still as awesome as I remember it being. Really. I love you, Tami.