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Nick Young and Iggy Azalea Are the Greatest Couple Ever

nick young iggy azalea

There’s always some celebrity couple out there that seems to grab peoples’ attention. One minute it’s Brad and Angelina, then it’s David and Victoria Beckham, and next thing you know you moved on to Kanye and Kim. But to tell you the truth, I couldn’t care less about any of these people and their personal lives. Celebrity worship is odd enough. But when we start following celebrities personal lives, it’s even weirder. However, I have found the one and only instance where I must go against my normal way of thinking. Because the combo of Nick Young (aka Swaggy P) and Iggy Azalea may just be the greatest relationship duo in the history of the world. Let’s break down why each of these people is awesome in their own right.

First, Nick Young. He’s a NBA player currently balling on the Lakers. The dude’s nickname is Swaggy P. Really, we could just stop talking about him right now, and it would be clear that he’s the greatest. But I’ll proceed nonetheless. He once said in an interview that, “If you look good, you play good.” This is the kind of mindset I love in my NBA players. Whereas in other sports, I prefer my players to be focused and selfless, the NBA is just somehow different. It’s more about style, entertainment, and the spectacle of it all rather than fundamentals. Sorry Tim Duncan. And Swaggy P has enough style for an entire team. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at what he shows up to games wearing.

Swaggy P outfit

Next up, Iggy Azalea. She’s an Aussie rapper with a southern accent. It creates for an interesting mix, but understandable do to the fact she honed in her skills as a rapper in Atlanta. Her fashion sense only adds to the confusion of who Iggy is. You certainly don’t expect her to sound the way she does at first glance. Her list of style influences includes Grace Kelly, the Spice Girls, and Gwen Stefani. Whatever has influenced Iggy Azalea over the years, it works.

Iggy Azalea

Together, these two make up one of the most eccentric couples you’re ever likely to see. I look forward to seeing more pictures of the couple out in public coming out. They each dress so amazingly on their own, but the possibilities of couple outfits with these two are endless. Also, if they ever decide to procreate, those babies will be the coolest little kids around. I’d like to imagine there would be gold diapers and leopard print onesies involved.


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