The Price is Right: Dreams of Winning, Come On Down!

The Price is Right

I love watching people win on The Price is Right. I had a dark period that lasted for about 6 months when I moved to Philly a few years ago, and I honestly felt somewhat better about life when I watched The Price is Right. I felt more hopeful watching other people act unabashedly happy in public. During this self-induced fucked-up period of my life, I was jobless due to a failed attempt at grad school, and spent my days trying to finish my overdue coursework and find a job. The bright patches were 1. IKEA 99¢ breakfast and 2. The Price is Right. I didn’t have to be awake at any particular time, so I just let my body go with the flow. If you’ve even endured a major, stupid life choice and the sadness and frustration that accompanies it, you also probably know that sleep becomes your greatest physical need/hobby/coping mechanism. I decided I needed some inexpensive structure to my days, and decided to commit myself to eating breakfast at IKEA and watching The Price is Right. If I slept until noon, I screwed myself out of both of my paltry life joys that day. Life is fine now, and I do miss having mornings to watch my beloved shopping game show.

When I posted a status update on Facebook a few months ago about my love of The Price is Right, I got tons of Likes and comments from friends who shared my enthusiasm for the show. I have a few theories on why The Price is Right still has a steady fan base after 41 years on the air. As the longest running game show in the US, several generations of kids have been raised on summer and sick days with The Price is Right. We may not have been the ones doing the household shopping in order to know what the actual retail price should be, but the premise of the show is easy enough to follow. Secondly, there are so many visually compelling games to play. The set and game designs are over-the-top, glittery, and goofy. Who doesn’t want to spin The Big Wheel (it looks so spectacular that they didn’t even bother with a fun name) at the end of the each segment?

Bob Barker, The Skinny Microphone, and The Big Wheel

Which one are you happier to see: The Skinny Mic or The Big Wheel?
Ric Francis, The Associated Press archive

Thirdly, Plinko. And finally, everyone seems so happy to be there. I know TV is a fantasy world, but The Price is Right is hinged on exuberance and enthusiasm, much like Let’s Make a Deal. I like Jeopardy, but could you imagine a winning contestant getting buck wild and hugging Trebek?

For example, Sheree “Bucket List T-shirt” Heil’s huge win made national headlines last week when she walked away with a Audi R8 V8 Spyder Quattro S Tronic, valued at $157,000. National headlines! Sheree won the biggest prize that The Price is Right has ever given away and the footage of her uncontainable reaction was everywhere. Here it is if you managed to miss it:

Is it just me or do other viewers feel like they won with the TV contestant? I had to stop reading comments online because people kept discussing how high the taxes (it’s not a totally free win since game show winnings are taxed based on the value of the earned item) and insurance would be. Let me have a little more fun being happy for my TV friend Sheree before you start talking real life responsibilities. Gosh. Pop the champagne, she won a brand new car!

And speaking of exuberance and winning, this just happened yesterday. This winner was so excited that she ran and fell into the show’s announcer, George Gray-right in the crotch! Then guest model Chrissy Teigen tried to help and gave her an awkward butt hug instead.

Daytime TV happiness, come on down!

And don’t forget to get your pets spayed or neutered.


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