Top 5 Funniest Movie Sex Scenes

Movie sex scenes can range from passionate and exciting to terrible and awkward. But what I’m interested in is providing a list of the 5 funniest movie sex scenes you’re likely to find.

5.  American Pie

It’s impossible to pick just one hilarious sex act from the American Pie franchise. I mean seriously, what are there, like a billion of those movies by now? But that aside, they produced some amazing scenes over the years perfectly depicting the hilarity that can ensue in young sex.

4.  Team America

Coming in at number 4 is this insanely cliché scene from Team America. A lot goes into making this scene part of the list. First, the rigid movements of the puppets having sex is rather funny in itself. But the generic dialogue is really what sells it for me. The moment when he promises to never die is just too perfect.

3.  Crank

Crank is a 93 minute straight adrenaline rush of a movie. And that’s actually the point of this particular scene. Jason Statham’s character must keep his adrenaline level up so he resorts to having sex in a very public environment. Hooray for public sex! The thunderous applause of the surrounding asian crowd and the way he leaves his partner so abruptly after sex makes this an easy pick at number 3.

2.  The Naked Gun

Leslie Nielsen was a funny man, and the world is a sadder place without him. Luckily, we will always have moments like this to remind us just how great he was. The Naked Gun gets runner-up in this competition because of the scene above involving a couple of full body condom suits. And for those of you are interested in said suit…because I know I am!

1.  American Psycho

And your winner for the funniest movie sex scene is…American Psycho! Patrick Bateman is probably my favorite fictional character in the history of the world. He’s just so crazy it’s hysterical. And he definitely doens’t fall short of that in this sex scene. The flexing and pointing into the mirror as he watches himself bone this girl is just so magnificently absurd that it gives American Psycho the prestigious honor of being number 1 on our list.


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