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Spice Up Your Holiday Cookie Game

kama sutra cookies

Cookies are one of my favorite parts about the Christmas season. There are few things better than snuggling up on the couch with lots of blankets while it’s snowing outside and enjoying a nice plate of cookies with milk. But why do they always have to be the same shape? It’s time to spice up your cookie life. And how can you shake up the traditional complacency that is circular shaped cookies? Get some Kama Sutra cookie cutters! Because of course that’s a thing that exists. Why the hell wouldn’t it be?

kama sutra cookie cutters

Each of these lovely cookie cutters depicts two people in a variety of sexual positions. So there’s no shortage of options. I mean, I know for me personally that I often think to myself when I’m eating a cookie…”Man, this cookie tastes great, but I really wish it looked like two people having sex.”

Plus the possibilities for entertainment are endless! As is typical with most food shaped like a person or animal, you can bight the various limbs or heads off. Now all of a sudden you have a girl cookie getting it from behind from a headless guy. Hilarious! Also, think of the fun you can have with that icing you use on gingerbread men. I’m pretty sure all of my cookies would come standard with icing facials.

gingerbread men

None of this boring smiley face child’s play. I want my gingerbread people debaucherous and slutty. Plus it’s probably the best tasting facial you’ll ever have.

So if you’re going to a holiday party this year, and there aren’t any children involved, bring some (literally) fucking cookies. What’s better than cookies and sex? I’ll tell you. Nothing. It’s the greatest combination of things you could ever hope for.

You can buy these things for like $15 on Amazon. So really, why not? I’ve certainly wasted more money on dumber shit than this.


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