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Andrew is super in love with all things crafty and woodsy and outdoors. So it’s an obvi’ that when I told him to jot down a wishlist…you could just go camping with it. Depending on where you live, a lot of these goodies would go into storage until The Big Thaw, but they shall be adored until then. I hear Pinterest also has a lot of ideas for the lumberjack in us all.




Brunton Flip N Drip Coffee Maker



$30 at Sierra Trading Post

$30 at Sierra Trading Post

Boil the water, add it to the thermos and flip it over, in 10 min you’ll have fresh brewed hot coffee for your hike!



Poler The Napsack


$130 at Polerstuff.com

You can wake up from sleeping in your tent, tie the bottom of the bag around your waist and unzip the arms to go sit around your morning firs and still stay warm!



$200 at Jakpak.com

$200 at Jakpak.com

Not just another wearable sleeping bag, this triples as a tent as well. Wear this little beauty for your long hike and in case anything happens on the trail, you get lost, don’t make it to the next rest camp, you can use this to set up a temporary camp for the night.



Pat’s Backcountry Beverages Pale Rail

Pale Rail

$10 at ColoradoLiquorOutlet.com

Though not really a beer (its non-alcoholic) it apparently tastes like the real thing and I can’t think of anything better after a long hard hike than settling into camp for the night with a good beer flavored drink!



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