Gift a Coat, Man, Stay Warm



Alex is like, THE Men’s issue of Vogue that never happened. He hasn’t had a bad dress day in this office ever (according to our observations). So when I asked him to draft up a theme gift list he would want, it was a duh-and-a-half to discover clothes upon it. He did well. Nice variety of expense, and lots of svelte. Svelte choosings of winter coats.




Canada Goose Chateau Parka  


$695 at Backcountry.com

This jacket is absolutely amazing. I love this thing so much. It’s not too bulky and the design is really simple. It’s also incredibly functional and will keep you warm in pretty much any temperature you could ever imagine. The only problem? This parka is going to run you $695.


Alpha Industries Slim Fit N-3B Parka

Slim Fit Parka

$185 at Alphaindustries.com

 If you’re looking for a parka on the more affordable side then I highly recommend this one from Alpha Industries. It’s priced at $185. It can handle the cold well and comes in a wide variety of versatile colors. I particularly love the maroon option.


JCrew Dock Peacoat

J Crew Peacoat

$201 at JCrew.com (with 30% off discount code)

For a more formal winter outerwear option, the JCrew Dock Peacoat is perfect. At $288 (right now there’s a 30% off discount code), the price is pretty reasonable considering this thing will last you for years. I’ve noticed lately a lot of peacoats have become very busy with added pockets and straps. This one, however, keeps things simple and sleek in appearance.


Uniqlo Wool Blended Duffle Coat 

Uniqlo Duffle Coat

$80 at Uniqlo.com

 So maybe you’re thinking the parka is a little too casual, but the peacoat is too played out of a style. Well, a duffle coat is a good choice for you then. This particular one from Uniqlo is under $100 and gives off a much more formal look than a parka. It’s perfect if you want a dressier option without spending the big bucks, all while still maintaining good quality.



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