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As Dee said, Robyn is the sort of person who is too busy to have any sort of coherency on a Christmas list whatsoever. So her list is the mecca of Anything Goes wishing. Originally there was a wig on it, and a “hat with brim”, but I could only allow four per person. Also this list would go perfect for people with and undying sarcastic sense of humor who doesn’t take offense to much. She’s a perfect receiver of gifts, and don’t you know one of those types?





Double Deep Fryer

Deep Fryer

$160 at Amazon.com

Why?  Because mine broke.  And it was small.  And it could only make like 8 wings at a time so we had to make one person’s, then wait another 20 minutes to make the second person’s and then it was totally unfair.  So what I want is a dual basket deep fryer.  So it can make wings and fries at the same time, or 2 sets of wings at the same time.  Or fried Twinkies and Oreos at the same time…the list will forever continue.  And yes, I did go with the restaurant grade. On purpose.





I Heart My Little A-Holes

I Heart My Little A-Holes

$10 at Amazon.com

Why?  Because I already read it, and I already read everything that she puts on her blog, but I LOVE Baby Sideburns.  I would marry her, if it were legal and she and I weren’t already married to men and she wasn’t wanted by the other 146k fans of hers on Facebook. This book went from print that she did herself through crowd-funding to NYT Best Seller in less than a month. This woman is brilliant and funny and just totally awesome all around.  She cracks me up constantly and gets me through all of the moments that my kids drive me nuts and make me feel like a terrible mother for not having patience like all of the other mother’s that I know on Facebook who are picture perfect ALL.THE.TIME.



Spalding Dual Shot Electronic Basketball Game

Spalding Basketball

$190 at Amazon.com

Why?  Because that is the only reason that I go to ChuckECheese anymore.  I would love to have this in my game room so we don’t have to go eat terrible overpriced pizza anymore and we can play this after the kids are in bed and really concentrate on beating each other and not on making sure our kids aren’t being stalked by a pedo.






$110 at Amazon.com

Why?  Because I don’t get to go out as often as I used to (cough, children) and I prefer draft beer.  There is something about cans and bottles that I just can’t drink them as much as I love draft beer.  This BeerTender is the perfect solution.  It keeps the beer at the perfect draft temperature for up to 30 days, which is also good since my tolerance is a little low at the moment, and it’s not as large as the traditional Kegerator.







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