Meet the Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider Baby

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Have the holidays taken all of your time, money, and patience this month? It’s okay. We’re all in the same life raft, trying to make it into 2014 with the strength to throw our weathered bodies ashore just to catch our breath for a damn second. Let’s just rest for a few minutes and relax with some sugar gliders.

You can find information about sugar gliders all over the internet, so let’s just cut to the chase and drool over these cartoonish marsupes, eh?

Flying Sugar Glider

Image courtesy of http://www.bubblews.com

They’re a type of possum and have this fancy flesh web that allows them to “fly,” just like the obviously named flying squirrel.

Sugar Gliders Are SO CuteSugar gliders are often kept as exotic pets. They are like Pokemon, but with real care needs and without a penchant for fighting. And they don’t turn into another creature as they age. (They are nothing like Pokemon.)

White Sugar Glider

Image courtesy of http://www.eclecticpets.com/

The sugar glider is thought to be reckless and hard to handle, but cute cancels a lot of shit out.

Don’t you just want to carry one of these buddies around with you all day?

Baby Sugar Glider in Palm

Image courtesy of http://www.sugargliderlover.com/

Finally, the cute video of the cute sugar glider doing something that isn’t cute when grown humans do it: eating food and then conking out.

I hope this post has helped you recover from the 2013 holidays. Good luck in 2014!


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