How To Make Cannibal Corpse Palatable For Thanksgiving

So you’re a metal fan? More particularly a Cannibal Corpse fan gearing up for a Thanksgiving Day with the fam. Little Timmy and Suzy may not be ready for a front to back spin of Tomb Of The Mutilated, or Butchered At Birth, but don’t let that dampen your spirits.

If the original ripping Death Metal versions are a no go for your turkey table..

Perhaps some Cannibal Corpse Lounge Music to go with Grandma’s pumpkin pie is more suitable..

Perhaps you have a more traditional table where no music is permitted. No Problem. Surely Aunt Betty will enjoy Cannibal Corpse – Entrails Ripped… (Metal Spoken Word)

We already know the Obamas and Hollywood’s finest will be jammin’ some live Cannibal Corpse after dinner..

Then there is the music video Cannibal Corpse didn’t want you to see (Complete with Thanksgiving-themed Teepee and ‘Indians’).

We hope we’ve supplied you death metal fanatics with a metal patch that will tide off the jones for a ripping track at a Thanksgiving table near you this weekend.

Till next time..