Tim Heidecker Made the Best Album of 2013

tim heidecker

Tim Heidecker, of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, has done some weird stuff in the past. If you’ve seen anything at all by the comedic duo, then you know there style is to be pretty much as far out there as possible. But even for them, Tim has outdone himself this time. This past summer, Heidecker released an entire album titled Urinal St. Station. The band name for this album…The Yellow River Boys. So yeah, if you haven’t put two and two together yet, it’s sort of a concept album. And the theme throughout is, of course, piss. That’s right. It’s an entire, 10-track album about nothing but piss.

The main single off of the album is titled “Hot Piss”, and the lyrics are just phenomenal really. Now you might expect this whole thing to be a joke. And while it is satire, don’t be fooled. This album has a legit southern/blues rock, honky tonk sound. I was actually fairly impressed with the quality the first time I heard it. But then you realize all of the lyrics are about pee, and you just start laughing hysterically again.

The entire tracklist:

Hot Piss

Honky Tonk Piss Club

Slurp It Up

Piss Me Off

Mr. Mudd

Truck Stop Piss Club

Hot Piss Blues

Someone to Piss on Me

Piss Pig Freak

Hot Piss Drinker

It’s like if a 12-year-old boy was told to make an album and pick a theme for it. This is what you would get. An entire album of nothing but piss jokes. Yet somehow instead of coming off childish and stupid, it’s one of the funniest things you could ever listen to. So if you’re into listening to songs about urine, you can purchase the full album over at Drag City’s site for $10. Well worth it in my opinion.


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