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Actual Spoiled KittenNo matter how naughty or nice your pets have been, chances are you spoil them with extra treats and toys during the holidays, even after being the World’s Best Pet Parent all year round. In case your pets seem to suffer from the burden of having it all, here are a few more gifts for your beast buddies that cement their existence in the lap of luxury:

1. A dog coat made from other animals that costs more than your own winter coat:

Leather and Beaver Fur Coat for a Dog

Image courtesy of Pampered Pets

Wouldn’t you agree that there’s something extra luxurious about dressing your animal in other animals? You can buy this beaver fur and leather winter coat for your dog for a mere $295.00, not including shipping. Sizes include 8″, 10″, and 12″ inches. You even have 4 color combinations to compare, unless you are too wealthy and busy to make a decision. Then you can buy all 4 from Pampered Pets.

2.  A Kenneth Cobonpue pet lounge

Kenneth Cobonpue's Operetta

Image courtesy of KennethCobonpue.com

Kenneth Cobonpue is a Filipino designer whose work creates an alternate and exotic world beyond the living room for the consumer. I said that, and don’t give me the side eye about it either. Although this pet lounge looks a bit like a sandal from the side, it would fit in the with rest of the modern furniture in your home (even if it’s all from IKEA). However, getting your pet to use the $700+ lounge is a different story. My dudes like to make nests with my dirty socks and those are nearly free. You can buy the luxury lounge at UnicaHome or Switch Modern.

3. This bomb ass Aruliden fish bowl

Aruliden Glasscape for fish

Image courtesy of Aruliden.com

Bet you never thought about pampering a fish, did ya? Neither did I. Fish aren’t cuddly nor are they emotionally aware, and that’s why we don’t think about upgrading their homes beyond the perimeter of necessity. But, for $140, you can order the largest of Aruliden’s Glasscapes for your friends with fins. Your fish won’t care, but your design snob friends will.

4. A fancy cat bowl from Alessi

Alessi Mio Cat Bowl

Image courtesy of SwitchModern.com

The Mio cat bowl from Alessi is obviously more for you than for your pet, but who cares? They don’t pay the vet bill-you do. The lid lifts off to reveal a shiny, stainless steel finish. And for $52 from Switch Modern, that’s a great deal for a cute piece of functional design for you and your cat brats. (You can also buy one for me and my household, big spender.) And don’t worry, there’s the Lula dog bowl too:

Alessi Lula Dog Dish

Image courtesy of Alessi


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