9 Hilarious Unintentional Sexual Moments in Sports History

biker spraying girl with champagne

Sports can provide us with some great moments. They show us acts of leadership, happiness, and people coming together to achieve a common goal. However, they can also sometimes provide us with hilarious images that appear so very sexual when taken out of context. These are just some of the best instances when teammates and competitors got a little too close.

packer player humping bears player

Here’s a sack celebration that you don’t see too often. Nothing like showing your dominance as an athlete like banging your opponent up the butt.

rashard mendenhall humps ben roethlisberger

I’ve never understood what could have possibly led to this situation being necessary. But for whatever reason, Rashard Mendenhall felt it important to hump Ben Roethlisberger on the field.

soccer players in awkward position

This one is getting into some weird fetish stuff. I don’t know what the Man U player has stuck up his ass, but the Man City player seems determined, and slightly disgusted, to get it out.

michael beasley

We’ve all been here, haven’t we? You think you’re rubbing your own leg only to look down and find out you’re massaging the dude next to you. It’s an easy mistake to make. Beasley’s face at the beginning really makes this one.

mario balotelli corner flag

Okay, this one isn’t so much unintentional as it is just plain hilarious. Mario Balotelli is an odd guy. But who among us doesn’t enjoy pretending tube shaped objects are penises? Mario knows. Nothing says pre-game warm up like giggling like a school girl as you hold the corner flag pole on your dick.

rooney and ronaldo

This one just doesn’t even need any description. The timing and positioning of these two is just so priceless.

cristiano ronaldo

We may have to crown Cristiano Ronaldo the champion of this list, as this is his second appearance. At least this time instead of sucking off his teammate on field, he’s just simply checking out a boner.

basketball players humping

Matt Barnes apparently enjoys to whisper sweet nothings into his lovers’ ears. His lover this time being Russell Westbrook. Although I’m not so sure this a consensual act judging by Russell’s face.

sam cassell

This assistant is taking his massaging job a little too far with Sam Cassell. First off, he’s clearly grabbing his dick. Second, he’s really happy about it. Like, too happy. That is the face of a guy who’s been waiting for this chance for a while.


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