Chris Bosh, King of the GIF

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh plays for the Miami Heat alongside LeBron James, aka King James. But LeBron isn’t the only royalty on the Heat roster. You see, Bosh has become a master of something besides basketball. In fact, it’s something that is much more important than basketball, in my opinion. The man often likened to a dinosaur or ostrich has become one of the best sources of GIFs you’ll ever find. Here are just some of the classic Bosh GIFs.

He’s a master of making ridiculous faces. The roller coaster of emotion displayed on his face in this is absolutely priceless. Get this man an Oscar!

Bosh funny face

This is probably the greatest photobomb I’ve ever seen. The stare into the camera at the end gets me every time. Also, LBJ holding back the laughter and continuing with the interview is incredibly impressive.

Chris Bosh photobomb

The only way that last one can possibly be improved is by doing this. I would pay good money to see Bosh as a superhero on the big screen. Get on that, Marvel!

Bosh Avengers

Bosh doesn’t just stick to photobombing Lebron, however. He got Dwyane Wade good during an interview, as well. He’s a team player, guys.

Bosh photobombs Wade

Oh yeah, he’s also a master of karate. I love that you can see him mouthing the sound of the karate chop “hiya”, too. Kind of reminds me of Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Bosh Karate

We’ve all been there for this one. You breath in, and all of a sudden something gets sucked into your mouth. Now you can’t breathe, and your saliva has super glued whatever the object is to your mouth. It appears Bosh almost makes the decision to just eat the confetti here.

Bosh confetti

Thank you, Chris Bosh, for providing us all with entertainment. You are probably the goofiest NBA player out there, and I love every second of it. We can only hope that you keep giving us glorious, GIF-worthy content for years to come.


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