The Rob Gronkowski Football Clinic for Women Was Exactly What You’d Expect

Rob Gronkowski

If I had to pick one NFL player that I thought would do something like host an all-women football clinic, it would most likely be Rob Gronkowski. Well, guess what? He did it. That’s right, the man famous for saying “Yo soy fiesta”, or “I am party”, held a football camp dedicated to exclusively serving the ladies of the community back on November 11th.

What does a football camp headed by the Gronk entail, you may be wondering? Well, the 3 hour experience starts off with some interaction and advice given by the Patriots’ tight end. Then there’s a group photo, t-shirts are handed out, and Rob gives some autographs.. All pretty standard so far. But then, things start to get a little more interesting. Bring on the Gronk-tinis! I have no idea what goes in to a Gronk-tini, but any drink created by the man in the picture below has to be good!

Rob Gronkowski partying

Now that everyone at the camp probably has at least a sufficient buzz going, it’s obviously time for dancing. What else are you going to do at a football camp? Pay close attention to the girl doing The Worm at the beginning. Like, really, that’s the move you’re going with? The Worm? What is this, an 80s funk concert?

This all seems like a pretty good time. You get to meet a famous NFL player, have some drinks, and do some dancing. But don’t think this clinic is free. To join in on this party you’re going to have to shell out $99. And this is where I’d like to pause for a second and take a moment to recognize the genius that is Rob Gronkowski. The man is charging $99 for a bunch of women to come dance and drink with him. Hell, most of us would love the opportunity to pay that much to go party with a group of ladies. Yet here he is just waiting for them to come to him. Call him whatever you want. Bro, meathead, oaf. But you better add smartest man alive to that list because he is clearly winning at life.


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