Tinder Brings out the Shallowness in All of Us


Tinder is quite possibly the most shallow app in existence. Let’s not pretend that anyone actually uses this thing for dating or finding “true love”. If someone tells you that, they’re either bullshitting you, or they’re an idiot. Tinder is used for one thing…and that’s hooking up. The only question left is, what’s your Tinder method?

As far as I see it, there are 2 distinct strategies when it comes to Tinder. Both have their pros and cons. No one strategy is perfect. So in the end, it’s really up to you. But hopefully this post can provide some guidance when it comes to your time spent on this lovely app.

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Strategy 1 – The Selective Approach

The biggest pro with this method is that you are in control of the attraction level of your matches. If you take the selective approach, you only swipe right when you really, truly find that person good looking. At worst you might throw a couple maybes in there. But for the most part, the only people that you’ll be matching with are going to be attractive individuals.

The downside of this approach is, of course, that your pool of matches will be much smaller. Being selective can also be referred to as being picky. Now, there’s nothing wrong with having standards. But be warned, that having those high standards probably means you won’t be having nearly as much as sex.

Strategy 2 – The Swipe ‘n’ Pray

Everyone knows the term “spray and pray” correct? It basically means that you throw a whole bunch of shit against the wall and hope that something sticks. Well this same method can be translated to swiping in Tinder. The reason one would choose this style is because it’s going to lead to the highest quantity of hook ups. This choice is great for those of you out there with little to no standards. Or maybe you just get really horny when you’re drunk. It’s cool, we get it. While the person being selective is stuck with blue balls all night, you get to have sex. Sure, maybe the person you’re having sex with is only a 4, but in the end, you’re still the one getting some. And hey, you never know. Maybe you swipe everyone and realize a lot of hot girls who aren’t necessarily your type that you wouldn’t have picked in the selective method are selecting you back.

The downside of this strategy is obviously that you’re going to be put in the position to have sex with a lot of really ugly people. This might not bother everyone, but for some people it’s a deal breaker. Also, you might be thinking, “What’s the big deal? I’ll just turn down someone if they’re not attactive.” Well, guess what? Sooner or later you’re going to be really drunk or really horny or most likely both. And you know what will happen? You’ll contact that unattractive person who matched you on Tinder for a booty call. This will seem like a brilliant idea at the time. But you are impaired. When  you wake up in the morning next to someone who weighs 200 pounds more than you snoring and drooling all over your bed, are you still going to think it was a good idea? I highly doubt it.

The Conclusion

What it boils down to is this. Do you prefer quality or quantity? It’s all personal preference. There are benefits and negatives for both. The important thing is, though, that no matter which method you choose, we’re all being a bunch of shallow jerks by using this app. And I am perfectly okay with that.


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