The 5 Best Ways to Improve Your Cuddle Life

So you want to cuddle more because you really enjoy it, but you’re running into some problems. Maybe you have the classic dilemma of trying to find a comfortable position without your arm falling asleep. Or perhaps you just don’t even have a significant other to cuddle with, and you’re feeling forever alone. Don’t worry. Help is on the way! Here’s a list of the 5 best ways to improve your cuddling game.

Modular Love Mattress

modular love mattress

This new mattress design looks pretty awesome. No matter where you are on the mattress there’s a slot nearby for you to slip your arm into for maximum comfort level. The biggest problem I see arising from this design is all of the stuff that you’re going to lose in each slit. But who knows, maybe that will be a fun adventure 10 years from now. It’ll be a like time capsule that you sleep on top of.

The Significant Other Pillow

boyfriend pillow

This product is for those of you out there without that special someone in your life. How many nights do you spend masturbating only to have to fall asleep alone? Well not anymore! These girlfriend/boyfriend pillows are practical and depressing all at the same time. The good news is they’ll never leave you. You don’t have to worry about these pillows shifting around and waking you up like a significant other might.

 The Armadillow Pillow

armadillow pillow

Everyone should have one of these pillows. Whether your girlfriend has a tendency to fall asleep on your arm or you just like to sleep on your side, this thing is perfect. It’s got a tunnel going through it for full arm extension. Look how happy the guy is in these animations. Don’t you want to be that happy?! Well you can be. Order your Armadillow pillow here.



This next cuddle aid isn’t a product to make things more comfortable like the others have been. No, we’re getting into chemicals now. Oxytocin, also know as the “cuddle” or “love” hormone, is something that is produced within our bodies but can also be taken from outside sources like nasal sprays. The hormone not only will help with cuddling but also your overall love life. It’s functions include promoting a sense of trust and sexual behavior.

Arm Removal

nerveendingstory comic

My personal favorite method, though, is brought to us by user nerveendingstory on Reddit. How perfect would it be if we could just remove our arms before we went to sleep?! Forget the special pillows and mattresses and chemicals. I’ll take this way. Although, I imagine there will be a decent chance of experiencing some pain…


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