Boobs in America and Taking The Pink Pledge

Boobs! You know that ventral region of the torso of a primate, in the left and right sides, containing the mammary gland which in a female can secrete milk used to feed infants?

Ya those!

Boobs are quite the hot topic in America. Whether we’re discussing who has the best boobs, who is showing too much boob, or how to screen and or prevent boob cancer.

And speaking of, Buzzfeed recently dedicated a new video to the wondrous Boob with lots of neat facts! I had no idea breast milk had similar agents to that of Marijuana to keep those infants on the chill! Wow. Or the fact that most financially stable men prefer small boobs? Woah! Check out the video below for more fun boob facts.

Speaking of Boobs, ABC this month has the PINK PLEDGE in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention:

Thousand are taking a pledge to

  • Learn the facts about breast cancer.
  • Understand my individual risk based on family history.
  • Find out about the different tools of detection and what is right for me.
  • Talk to my doctor to learn about my breasts, and what ongoing care may be best for me.
  • Know when I should get screened for breast cancer, and follow through on these recommendations.
  • Start a conversation with the women and men in my life about our breast health.


We’ll be checking in on the PINK PLEDGE and Booby around the nation, so do stop back soon!