Protect Yourself from Unwarranted Smartphone Picture Swiping

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Let’s play out a scenario. You’re home with the family for the holidays and Grandma asks to see some pics from your vacation last month. So you get your phone out and open up to the pics to show her some. Well, before you know it she’s grabbed the phone out of your hand and is just swiping away. This would be fine if she just stopped looking when the vacation photos ended. But here’s the thing…she won’t. Grandma is now swiping through your entire photo library. And you can’t very well just rudely grab the phone out of her hands because then she’ll be suspicious. Of course, if you do nothing at all, then there’s a chance she keeps swiping until she gets to those videos of your girlfriend dancing around naked or a video of you helicoptering your dick around like a mad man that you took just for shits and giggles.

So what do you do?! Well, honestly, I have no idea. Either way Grandma is not going to look at you the same way for the rest of the night. But there is something you can do so this situation never comes up in the first place.

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As you may know, when on a phone, video’s will have an image that represents the saved video. So here’s how you get around having that thumbnail image being your penis. Before recording whatever it is you want to record, turn the camera to a table or a wall or put your finger over the lens for a few seconds. This way the thumbnail image that shows up in your pics on your phone will not show whatever dirty shenanigans are actually going on in the video. So when Grandma is just mindlessly swiping through all of your stuff, you don’t have to worry! You’re in the clear. As far as she’s concerned it’s just some boring video you took. There’s no need for her to watch this. She can just move on to something more exciting. Now, this nice old lady doesn’t have to see her grandchild’s innocence ruined, and at the same time, you don’t have to explain why you stuck your penis in a banana peel and recorded it. Everyone wins!



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