Want a Nice Ass? Chances Are You’re Doing It Wrong


When girls go to the gym, it’s generally for a few main reasons. They either want to lose weight, get abs, or they want a nicer ass. But for those of you who want that nicer butt, I have something to tell you…YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

It happens all too frequently. I walk into the gym and see the elliptical machines lined with women. The ellipticals are there for one reason, people. That would be for cardio. And guess what? You can do all the cardio your heart desires, but it will never give you a bigger or nicer ass. In fact, the only thing it will actually do for your butt is make it smaller because you’ll probably be losing fat. So put down your jewel-encrusted iPhone, get off the elliptical, and start doing something that will actually firm and strengthen your rear end.

elliptical meme

Okay, so now that you’re out of the cardio section of the gym, what do you do next? I mean, you don’t want to get super jacked and ripped. That’s what weights do, right? WRONG! I promise you, naive women of the gym. You will not magically look like a body builder after lifting weights for 20 minutes. So what’s the best exercise for you to get “dat ass”?

Squats! Get in the squat rack, and do these babies. You’ve spent enough time envying other girls’ asses from afar. Don’t just toss it up to genetics. Get your skinny ass in the squat rack, and get to work. But make sure your form is correct, because the last thing you need is to get hurt. This will only prevent you from doing even more squats.

Let’s take a look at some before and after pics to get your motivation going.

squats before and after

squat before and after

Look, I’m not trying to be a misogynistic asshole here. I’m not saying every girl should do squats so guys have nicer asses to look at. I’m simply trying to help you avoid wasting your time. Just because you’re in the gym doesn’t mean you’re actually doing anything good for your body, and it doesn’t mean you’re actually going to meet any of your goals. So if you want to fill out a pair of jeans better, or you don’t want your butt to be squishy and flabby anymore, then take this advice. Stop doing exercises that won’t build you any muscle. Yeah, there will probably be some bros at the gym that oggle you. But I can tell you from experience that most guys will admire the fact that you’re there at all. They’ll respect that you’re trying to improve your body. The few idiots you may encounter? Screw them. You have the satisfaction that after you get some time in, you’re going to be smokin hot.


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