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Go Play: Joydream by Blush Novelties

Joydream of the Serendipity line from Blush Novelties




mini skinny

This is a great standard addition to the collection of posh people. It has the light-to-extreme vibration settings, and is rechargeable, and also looks beautiful and is a total betty.


requires//an outlet. this toy is rechargeable. no batteries!

noise//< < < < <

vibration settings//ten. three solids, then varying.




  • rechargeable! i really hate batteries and i never have them
  • gorgeous appearance with blue led power and setting buttons
  • the satin silicone is easy to clean
  • turn it concave or convex or even pinpoint to what gets you off best



  • not totally whisper quiet
  • power button can get in the way when you’re workin’ that thang


in full

Grabbing this toy out of the simple-pretty box, I was impressed. The pink satin silicone and smooth chrome toy was gorgeous and curvy, and I kinda wanted to whip the thing out and show it off to my friends. Just the look of it made me want to slam my body down and wind it all around my bits asasasap. I plugged it in to charge it up, but in only ten minutes of impatience it started buzzing when I clicked the little blue power button.

With the first use I didn’t really explore the speed and pulse settings, I just sort of moved around the thing, trying to find the right curve that would fit me into the “groove”. Game over. I found it right away, so all in all that first use lasted 1min48sec. The second use I gave it a go using all curvy functions and speeds. The pulsating settings are fun if you like bursts of buzz, but I prefer to slide it up, down, little in, more there, with one speed.

Then I tried it during sex. Oh muffin fuck. Let me tell you what. It’s not massive or bulky, so allowing penetration while also centering lil’ Joydream isn’t that tough to do. And while some of y’all might be more experienced with sex and vibration hoo-hah, my partner was not, and he almost couldn’t last because he loved it so much. That curve…that curve makes all the difference in allowing room for all.

The only gripe I had was that during both solo and duo romps, my hand kept accidentally turning it off. If I turned it this way or that way, it was either my thumb or pointer finger that pushed down a little too hard and interrupted that ‘bow chicka bow wow’ moment to bliss. Even switching the button with the settings click-spot would do it for me, but as it is, well there you go. Maybe my hands are freakishly shaped, who really knows.

My official recommendation, however, is get that damn piece of happy play time right now. It’s gotta be a standard, especially if you’re a classy broad who likes toys that just look…pretty. Blush has an entire line of Serendipity products, so if you want a different shape, you have six other varieties to choose from (including a rabbit), all in that flirty-ish rose-blush color.



Find out where to buy this and all of those loverly things they make over at Blush Novelties



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