The Fornicator

What’s on a Sex Blogger’s Desk?

It’s surprisingly normal.


I get the question all the time from friends – “Goddamn I wonder what your desk looks like…I imagine you cover it with lube and sex toys and it’s like a dungeon!” Nah, son. But I do have an unhealthy show-and-tell of my Diet Coke addiction. And caffeine.



industry mags

So even though I check the industry and news sites every ten minutes, we still get a ton of hold-in-your-hand publications. Pretty useful when my PC is giving me the hourglass of death.



5-hour energy

I require them both, for different times of the day.



As you are aware, this is a sex blogging and reviewing website. I get mail full of goodies to try out so you don’t go throwing cash on things you can’t return.


listerine strips

I never know when to spit out gum. Anyway these are stronger.


dvds to review

Including Four Rooms, Brit School Brats (one of my favorites), and Lesbian Ghost Stories, which you’ll see a review of next month.


 my tumblr

I update a crazy amount of our sites a day, and am constantly researching. However, I always make enough time for Porniodical and my obsession of tumbling.


hotmovies pen

Want one? I send you one.


i know what you’re looking for…

But they’re all out being reviewed and tested right now. And once that process happens, they never see my desk after that.


Tell me what you have on your desk, over on my Twitter.



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