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Hilarious 1940s STD Propaganda Posters

vintage std propaganda posters

Soldiers had to deal with a lot of dangerous stuff back in the 1940s. World War II was in full force, and men of all ages were being deployed all over the world. But these brave men weren’t just fighting enemy soldiers. You see, there was another enemy out there. This foe, however, was not so easily recognizable as evil as soldiers were. It was disguised as temptation and lust. The real enemies of the 1940s were, in fact, STDs. So much so that STD propaganda posters were created to deter men from giving into their urges towards strange and foreign sexual encounters. Here are just some of the best ones.

Ahh yes, boobs. Man’s biggest weakness. Because nothing says gonorrhea like a woman in a low cut dress. Stay away, men. It’s all part of the enemy’s plan. They send their women to flirt, and boom, next thing you know you’re penis is on fire when you’re taking a piss.

booby trap poster

Okay, this one is actually pretty sound advice. I can’t imagine prostitutes during war time are exactly the cleanest and safest of individuals when looking for a sexual partner. But still, the whole “say no to prostitutes” thing is just hilarious. Like if you sleep with one, it will send you into this sexual spiral of endless hooker sex that you’ll never recover from.

ww2 std poster

You know the lady on this poster is up to no good. Look at that smug face. And a beret? I like the (not so) subtle all red clothing as well. This woman is clearly a communist. And you know what communists like doing? Sharing. That goes for their STDs, too. So stay safe and STD free, America, and choose capitalism!

woman ww2 std poster

Look at these ladies. Smiling and having a good time with each other. Who does that?! They are clearly all dirty sluts who sleep with everyone they lay eyes on. Move on gentlemen, nothing to see here. Just head back to your bunk, and jerk off while crying into your pillow out of loneliness. You can use the tears as lube.

women with vd poster

This last one is a change of pace. It’s not just the men that needed warning. Women also had to be on the look out for risky situations. And according to this poster, 100% of men in the army apparently had syphilis. Who knew?

syphilis poster


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