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Sex on a Memory Foam Mattress: Better or Worse?

memory foam mattress

If you’ve ever slept on a memory foam mattress before you know that they are pretty fantastic. It’s like you’re being hugged by your bed all night. I’m not here to dispute the awesomeness of this great invention as far as sleeping goes. But what about sex? Obviously sex generally takes place on the bed, right? So today we’re going to settle if going to the bone zone on a memory foam bed is better or worse than your typical spring mattress.

Let’s talk about noise level first. It can be really annoying if you live with other people to bring someone back to your place to have sex with only to end up making a ton of noise on your old spring mattress. (Here are some tips to silence the squeaking.) With every thrust you send a wave of squeaks through the house that will awaken everyone you live with and let them know that you are, right now at this very moment, having sex. If you’re looking to have some stealth sex or you just don’t want to listen to some squeaky springs, then memory foam is definitely something to look in to.

Another pro of the memory foam is the comfort level. Sex can be an incredibly active process. So you don’t want to be on some hard, uncomfortable mattress. The memory foam will take away any type of back pain that may develop from a lesser type. Let’s just hope your mattress doesn’t actually have feelings…

memory foam sex cartoon

Now for the cons. So while memory foam may be more comfortable overall, it can create some unpleasant soreness. Because it’s designed to wrap around you and let you be absorbed into the mattress, the memory foam can make it incredibly difficult for whichever partner is on top during sex. Say you’re in the missionary position. It can become increasingly harder for the guy to hold himself up as his arms sink lower and lower into that foamy bliss.

memory foam mattress

Another downside of the memory foam is that there is no rebound to speak of. While the spring mattress can be loud and possibly uncomfortable, it does do a good job to aid in bouncing when doing positions like the cowgirl. And a little bounce is always good when going at it.

So which is better? For purely sex, I think I’d have to go with the traditional spring mattress. I mean, even if the thing does make a lot of noise, is it really that bad if someone hears that you’re having sex? They’ll get over it.

However, as someone who owns a memory foam mattress I can tell you that the fact I get to sleep on what feels like an angel’s bosom every night more than makes up for any minor inconveniences that may come up during sex.


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