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Shreddies Underwear Lets You Fart Wherever You’d Like

Shreddies underwear

Any company that has the motto “Fart with confidence” will instantly gain my full attention. And that’s just what the UK company Shreddies is advertising. See, Shreddies is offering a product that few may want to admit they want, but secretly, many will go out and buy. It’s flatulence-filtering underwear. Uhh…can we just hand these guys the award for best product ever right now? Because they deserve it.

How many times have you been on a date, in an important meeting for work, or surrounded by people on the train when you felt that rumbling urge in your stomach. You had to fart. And considering you just ate a huge lunch from Chipotle you know it’s going to be a bad one. What do you do? Do you hold it in and suffer from the excruciating stomach pains that will likely ensue? Or do you just go for it and let it rip knowing full well that everyone around you will instantly know you were, in fact, the one who dealt it? It’s a sticky situation that you never want to be in.

Well thanks to Shreddies new underwear this never has to be a problem again! You can fart away as your heart desires and no one will be any the wiser. Sitting in a meeting listening to your boss? Let it rip with a huge smile on your face. Carol from HR sitting next to you won’t have the faintest idea as to what’s going on. Oh, you’re watching a movie on the couch with a girl you just started seeing and you don’t want to ruin the moment by running to the bathroom? No worries! Stay comfy and cuddled up and proceed to let out the fart of a lifetime! You’re perfectly safe with this magical underwear on.

Shreddies isn’t all about farting, though. Sometimes after you take a leak, a few drops tend to trickle out after you’ve already pulled your pants back up. No matter how much you shake and shake it’s bound to happen. This is annoying. Well the good people at Shreddies have thought about this. Aside from their flatulence-filtering underwear, they’ve also developed a pair for incontinence. So no more worrying about those few drops soaking through your underwear onto your pants. These babies come complete with a waterproof liner and high absorbency qualities.

Shreddies male and female

 I could not have found out about this product at a better time. With Christmas coming around the corner, I now know what I’m going to get everyone. Think about it, it’s the perfect gift! You can play it off like you’ve just gotten them a novelty/joke kind of a gift. But in reality you’re making the air around you much cleaner and pleasant to breathe in. Everybody wins!


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